Celebrating 47 Years in Business
About Good Vibes Sound, Inc.


At Good Vibes, we’re passionate about making your business present well and giving your customers & employees a great environment. Good Vibes can partner with you in creative ways to ensure the best possible customer experience.

From a basic office TV system using Commercial DISH or DirecTV to a boardroom upgrade with whiteboards and industrial-strength wifi networking to a full-on distributed audio/video system including paging and surveillance camera options, you can rely on Good Vibes’ decades of experience to meet your objectives on time and in-budget!

Keep control in the office from a single console or empower staff to control content & sound, you can have us design and install a trouble-free system that works the way you want and backed by responsive local service.

Pro-sound is not like audio in your house. The important considerations are ease of use and even distribution so the volume is at the precise level desired...everywhere. Sound quality depends on speaker quality and amplification. It’s surprising how great those restaurant-type ceiling speakers can sound if the drivers are upgraded and the amp isn’t straining. Good Vibes combines the best commercial audio/video brands with deep industry expertise and a broad range of capabilities to accommodate your project regardless of size, scope and architectural considerations.